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We care for your clothes

While F&M cleaners are based out of the great state of Texas, All American Laundry has one goal: to provide you with some friendly and affordable laundry services. Wash & Fold is our specialty: it cleans your clothes while ensuring they stay soft! We use only quality detergents, so all of yours will return looking new each time. Plus, any dry-cleaning needs can be taken care of too if needed (we don’t want anything damaged during transport.

How We Work?


Bag up your dirty clothes

If you have dirt in your dirty clothes, it is time to bag them up.


Drop Off your clothes

Get ready to drop off your dirty Laundry to us.


We clean your clothes

Each of our machines is equipped with the latest technology to remove all stains, no matter how deep or complicated. 


Ready to Pickup

You can finally pickup  your clothes clean, looking like new.

Our Services

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Same Day Dry Cleaning

We at F&M cleaners are committed to providing our customers in the Carrollton, TX area with affordable and convenient laundry service. We offer a wide range of commercial washers that can be delivered right on time for any occasion.

We take pride in how well taken care of all your clothes after they’ve been washed and in ensuring you always receive top-notch customer service when it comes time for folding or drying pants, no matter what type of machine was used during processing.

Laundry Service

What our clients say?

Faizan Adnan

Quick Service, Amazing customer service and My cloths were properly cleaned.

Jawad Shahid

F&M Cleaners are very professional. I dropped off my dresses early morning for dry cleaning and it was ready in evening. I love their same day dry cleaning service.

Jeffrey Laura

Fast Service, professional customer service and I like the same day cleaning service.

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