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Laundry Service

Laundry Service

What is a laundry service?

Laundry services are excellent for people with hectic schedules or busy lives who hate doing laundry because companies like F&M cleaners come out and do all your dirty work. Some styles offer different rates depending on how much you need to be done at any given time; some will even provide dry cleaning if required. In a classic laundry service, people pay by weight for their clothes. The weekly pick-up includes washing and drying but not folding or ironing – those extra services must be requested separately with the individual business owner’s permission (and typically an additional fee). Currently, F&M cleaners are not providing pick-up and delivery services. 
When considering a laundry service, there are several things to think about. For those who do not own washers and dryers or live in regions where more than one company offers these services (and thus must price out their options), the alternative may be using your local laundromat–though this can also cost quite handsomely. F&M cleaners providers offer convenience and come at economical expenses.

What is the laundry Process:

Laundry is a great way to get your clothes washed and dried! We offer a washing service where you can leave your laundry with us, and we will have it ready, cleaned, and dried for you within 2 hours, whether it is sheets, duvets, pillows, undergarments, or anything else. F&M cleaners begin with a thorough pre-inspection of your shirt to discover any collar stains or wear and tear that may cause problems in the future. The shirt is then pre-spotted with a laundry collar treatment that removes hard collar stains and rings around the collar. After that, we remove any collar stays from the shirt and launder it in our cutting-edge laundry machines.

After the laundry cycle, we manually press and polish your laundered garment to perfection. The garment is put on our hanger, giving it a firmer form and preventing the collapse seen with wire hangers. We next do one final examination to confirm that all stains have been removed and that the cleaned clothing meets our exacting standards. As a result, the shirt is the cleanest in the industry.

Why choose F&M Laundry Service:

Avoiding the hassle of laundry has never been easier. F&M cleaners will treat your clothes and get them cleaner than you ever could. With our extensive list of fabrics, detergents, softeners & dryer sheets (including allergy-free options), we can make sure every load goes from the drum straight into pristine condition. You can then pick your clothes up our staff told you to pick them up. No more waiting around at home or work wondering what happened after putting away some dirty clothes in between washes; now there’s peace knowing they’re already ready when it’s time. 

Laundry Service at an affordable price: 

We believe you shouldn’t have to break the bank to afford our commercial laundry service. That’s why F&M cleaners are very economical so that customers can take advantage of excellent services while still having plenty of leftovers for their Texas explorations. Why not enjoy a barbeque at Salt Lick or an evening entertainment guide with all those funds saved from using a cleaner?